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26, Male
Nowhere, IL.
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Me before the accident. I would show you guys a current pic, but i dont wanna break my camera.

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If i seem slow and unresponsive, i havent been posting or logging on or responding to youre comments as fast as i used too, its because i sleep 17-22 hours a day due to extremly high doses of morophine and lots of muscle steroids to help my back to heal.

SO bear with me. Its a chore to type.

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LittleLuckyLink - Madness...
The-Happy-Pill - Senior Member
Infinite-one Senior Member
gibleto - General 1st Class
evilerbowser1001 - Vice President
grammer - High Level Senior Member
ageofthoughts - Head of the Heretic Elimination Squad
LOLZILLA - Senior Member
jallo212 - Senior Member
KillerClam - Senior Member
greensucksbluerules - Junior Member
flaws - Junior Member
starsky1010 - Junior Member
twilightfox - Sophomore Member
Swordo- Sophomore Member
crazylogic - Sophomore member
MasterChiefClock-Freshman Member
clinteastwoodisan-Freshman member
Jawa2432 - New Member
Twist-Chao06 - new mwmber
SevasTra - New Mwmber
p0psZ - Fresh Meat!

24 Down, 5,999,999,976 more to go.

mrmetal - another member's alt.
skat0r - Inactive

Ramones-Fan - Remember the brave ones that fell to the armies of newgrounds
MasterCheifClock - I dont really remember what happened to him
Bobroolz - An idiot that fell to the dark side

They are heretics, guilty of co
nstant blasphemy and are a disgrace to the internets. which is allready a disgrace to itself.


A self centered so called rich boy-1337beet
A spammer & member of the kitty krew-omgdeletedmeow5
By request & spammer & Emo-IThinkImDrunk
Is not cool-JimmysCool
An ex-member who is an attention whoring dumbass-bobroolz
Pirates and ninja only zone-TheUsed713
----- Anonymous ------
Bush reference-georgebush
Bush reference-george-bush
Bush reference-georgewbush
Bush reference-dubya
Bush reference-bush
Bush reference-georgew
Parody/Spam account-ParisHilton
Parody/Spam account-alt
Parody/Spam account-lol
Parody/Spam account-onE
Parody/Spam account-email
Parody/Spam account-zEro
Parody/Spam account-DrugsrBad
Parody/Spam account-brittanyspears
Parody/Spam account-porno
Parody/Spam account-T0mFulp
Parody/Spam account-halo
Parody/Spam account-drugsrgood
Parody/Spam account-awesomes
By request-GuitarGod777
Just dont like him-vanilla-gureilla
A Narcisistic Bastard who says my sig is shitty-champaigne
lol whut?-Fr0ks
fouck you-orange-jews
"PORN" says it all-Homer42
Tehretard-An ignorant fucking asshole.
A socially insecure 15-year-old faggot-StagBeetle
he's a disgrace to all 'Republicans", and a zazi to his description-Redelephant
Racist alt, spammer-CitrusCan0pener
An uncreative BBS troll, with an uncreative name-lawlmaster
This man cant spam worth a shit, and he leaves abusive reviews-hardyboyz1
A BBS Moron and borderline spammer-WhiteDave
A BBS moron and a spammer--Buster1
Chain Letters-killa12
Chain Letters-inuyasha2264
A spam account -Teh-Spams
Ima buy you a drink-EskimoEchidna
Another spammer, another blasphemer-Link24l
The dumbass listed is a shitty BBS troll...periodPops
Has sexual fantasies of Mario and Luigi-Mariofag69
"eat shit and die"-MrL30n3
Have you ever tried cocaine?-h0m0
Habitual Spammer- MrLeone
Aura wars ended a long time ago-Fab-Guerilla
We shall have 'In Xenu we trust' printed on our money and hailed as our national motto-tony4moroney
"Nig*rs on my lawn"-Shit master
Has to use a thesaurus to look up synonyms for fuck-Jefroid
Dont we allready have to deal with enough n00bs on this site?-pspmad
LolzTurtle-By Popular Opinion. We all hate you. go die.
Devilsojii - Flash Spamer and Pop-Rap Fanboy who likes ridin' dirty.
iPhone - New Parody Account
iloveritalin - An immature BBS Poster
ramendia - uses a 4chan meme as old as the dinosaurs
Bamb00zling - one we must fuck with
princessyoko - Just trust me on this
RINKACHICHI - look at his posts. dammit.
Iasia - </3 to you.
HorseSperm-- has a sick name
Minty-Hippo-- called every one worthless shit in one of his topics
davidofmk771-- cannot comprehend the full stupidity of runescape
tzrmtd--runescape fanatic he has horrible spelling
GangBangMyMom - Uhh, do you realllllly need anymore?
lolzords1 - an 11 year old's alt, it looks like

NOTICE to those who think im being a lazy ass